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Amazon Is Helping Advertisers Analyze Marketing Investments Amazon is helping brand advertisers on its marketplace! Hundreds of brands are using Amazon Attribution which was launched in beta last year. This feature has been updated to maximize your return on investment and increase product sales. According to Amazon, this will be the first time that you [...]

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Amazon Q&A with Channel Key Marketing products and selling on Amazon can be challenging at times and is very different from advertising products from your own website. Here at Channel Key, we are dedicated to helping your business grow on Amazon and we are here to help. Today we will be answering a question that [...]

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Amazon Launches New Sponsored Display Ads On September 12th Amazon announced the launch of Sponsored Display! This is a new self-service advertising solution that helps you grow your business! Here’s what you need to know! Sponsored display grows your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off the Amazon marketplace. This new self-service feature is [...]

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Opportunities and Obstacles for Selling on Amazon that you should know! If you want increased exposure for your products, selling on Amazon may be the solution that you need for your brand. Do you want to expand your online presence beyond your store and start selling your products on Amazon? Amazon accounts for 44 percent [...]