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Opportunities and Obstacles for Selling on Amazon that you should know! If you want increased exposure for your products, selling on Amazon may be the solution that you need for your brand. Do you want to expand your online presence beyond your store and start selling your products on Amazon? Amazon accounts for 44 percent [...]

Will Amazon’s Hands-Free Pricing Tool Drive Real Sales for You?

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Amazon’s betting there are a lot more passengers than drivers in the U.S. today. At least that’s how it looks with the just-announced launch of Sold by Amazon, the company’s new service that guarantees sellers a minimum payout on sales in exchange for Amazon taking full control of price setting for a company’s or brand’s [...]

More Warning Signs For Amazon Small Vendors-Speculation Mounts

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Two months ago Amazon caused a tidal wave of concern and endless questions from small vendors when the e-commerce giant canceled weekly purchase orders from small vendors across the board with no notice. The directive was clear: smaller sellers needed to move to Amazon’s third-party marketplace and manage their own direct to consumer sales themselves. [...]

Walmart Doubles Down: Free Next Day Shipping

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What's It Mean, What's the Impact? When Walmart does something, everyone takes notice. Or they should. If you’re a brand or business selling online, it’s critical to watch what’s happening right now – and coming to an internet near you very soon. What are we talking about? Walmart announced a move to free next-day shipping [...]

Winning the Amazon Search Bar

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Understanding Amazon’s All Powerful A9 Search Algorithm You hear it everywhere. How the best content and optimization strategies can really help brands stand out against online competition. It’s true, they can. But when it comes to the millions of competing brands, businesses and storefronts on Amazon, only one thing drives sales, Amazon’s own A9 algorithm. [...]

Amazon Trends and Topics to Watch out for in 2019!

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It’s hard to believe we’re well past the Q4 craziness and are already halfway through Q1.  With that being said, we thought it appropriate at Channel Key to share some of the big trends and topics we’re monitoring closely for 2019 that will have big impacts on Amazon business’s (positive and negative) in the coming [...]

What’s the Best Amazon Strategy for Brands and Manufacturers – 3P, 1P or Hybrid? UPDATED

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The only constant with Amazon is change.  Which is why we felt it appropriate to update our view of the ever-present strategy question of: “should I execute an Amazon Vendor, Seller or Hybrid business strategy?”    Right out of the gate, Amazon has consolidated it’s various ad units (AMS, Sponsored Brands, etc.) into a single [...]