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Seamless Partnership Integrations

Account Manager

Your partnership includes the utilization of our in-house staff and an assigned Account Manager who will be responsible for overseeing your Brand’s strategy and deliverables. Available on an ad-hoc basis, your Account Manager will also provide monthly reports and, as needed, regular updates and alerts.

Account Set-Up

Amazon is a complex e-commerce marketplace. Many people struggle with understanding how to properly set up their account and products, and it’s very common for products to appear in the wrong category or be unsearchable. Channel Key will make sure you establish the correct account settings and help you navigate your interactions with Amazon and its often complex matrix of divisions and staff.

Onboarding Management

The initial 90 days of each partnership involves a large number of moving pieces that need to be properly timed and managed. Your Account Manager will oversee and manage the Onboarding process which includes, but is not limited to, Account Setup, Marketplace & Product Analysis, Content Development, Marketing Initiatives, Feedback Building Messaging, Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Setup and much more.

Ongoing Consulting

In addition to specific partnership services, all brands receive Channel Key’s expertise and knowledge on an ad hoc basis during the term of your partnership. Regular meetings and conference calls are conducted to keep you up-to-date with our current strategies and initiatives.

Case Management & Resolution

Cases often arise that can affect your seller account status, so it’s critical that these issues are addressed in a timely manner. Cases can result from any number of topics including customer order issues, datafeed/listing content issues or Red FBA. Channel Key has a track record of addressing and resolving any and all types of issues that might surface to make sure account stays in good standing.

Monthly Reporting

Channel Key creates monthly Sales and Status Reports highlighting key performance indicators as well as any observations or suggestions for your account or listings. This report will cover Sales, Customer Service, Advertising and Promotion Analysis, General Observations, and feedback from Channel Key staff.

Channel Key Insights Portal

Channel Key provides our brand partners monthly reporting built from data using our exclusive proprietary Insights Portal.


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