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Amazon Listing Optimization Service

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optimized amazon detail page content

Optimized Content

The richer the content, the more likely traffic will convert to sales. Adding more high-quality images, richer content, detailed bullet points, and descriptions can be the difference between 10 sales and 1,000 sales per day.

Channel Key has an internal content development standard we refer to as Optimized Marketplace Content, which looks at all the key product features and keywords to generate optimized Titles, Bullet Points, Descriptions, and Images.

Amazon SEO

Keyword Rich Product Listings

Amazon is more than a store; it’s a giant search engine. Amazon employs complex SEO algorithms to control the search results. These are based on a number of specific Amazon SEO factors including but not limited to Keywords, Product Ranking, Conversion Rates, and Distribution Method.

Channel Key has built over 4 million Amazon Detail Pages in its nearly 10-year history and has developed a standard for Channel Key products and partner brands which greatly increase product search rankings.

amazon data feed and listing updating

Data Feed and Listing Management

Products not in the Jumpstart Program can be bulk uploaded or managed through a Data Feed. This utilizes a spreadsheet format (.xls, .csv, .txt) to organize all common fields of data, links to images, descriptions and bullet points. Channel Key can assist you in creating and developing your Data Feed to allow for regular, bulk uploads of new products, discontinued products, price changes, quantity changes and other critical data when needed.

Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a critical component for brands on Amazon.com who want to gain better control over their product listings. Brand Registry allows for Channel Key to help control your content while unlocking opportunities to participate in brand specific initiatives on the Amazon Marketplace.

Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Brand Registry unlocks the ability to optimize your product detail pages with Enhanced Brand Content, EBC. Enhanced Brand Content allows you to create an optimized product description section loaded with multiple images and content increasing conversion.

Channel Key can help you increase brand awareness and provide your customers with relevant content regarding your brand and the benefits you have to offer through the use of Enhanced Brand Content.

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