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Inventory Planning & Forecasting

As e-commerce continues to gain momentum, shipping products fast and efficiently is becoming a must in order to remain competitive. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) gives you the opportunity to offer 2-day shipping for your products across the United States for an additional fee. Channel Key is experienced in FBA fulfillment and can help you analyze the costs and opportunities of utilizing FBA to see if it’s a fit for your brand and product selection.

Order Management

Acting as your Sales Manager, we review orders on a daily basis to ensure orders are processed perfectly. This includes FBA and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) as well as overseeing returns and any other order issues. We will send FBM orders directly to your company or any 3PL you desire.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Coaching and Inventory Planning

FBA is a key element of any Amazon strategy. In essence, you place inventory on consignment to Amazon for the fulfillment of your orders on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon charges fees for Commissions, Pick-Pack-Ship, as well as Storage (by Cubic Feet x Time). FBA inventory also has the significant value of reaching the estimated 80MM Prime customers.

On top of reaching Prime members across the US, you will benefit from Amazon’s fulfillment history to help win the BuyBox. This combination makes FBA a very appealing method of selling your products on Amazon, however, the FBA process, procedures, and best-practice take the time to set-up and fully incorporate into your plan. Let Channel Key help you take full advantage of Amazon FBA.

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